Overview of Surgery in Japan

Cost and Payment


Thyroplasty (type 1-4)

US $5,000

An 8 % Japanese consumption tax is added to the above surgery cost.


The above cost covers the following items:

  • Initial diagnostic consultation/examination (the examination here includes a -chest X-ray, CT scan, and blood test - please note that an extra cost of US $100 will be added if you are going to have the preoperative examination at our clinic.
  • Local anestheology
  • Operation
  • Post-operative tests
  • Meals (dinner on the day of the operation, breakfast and dinner on the day following the operation, breakfast of the next day). * The meal on operation day will be provided depending on the time of your operation.
  • Accommodation (private bedroom)

Medical Fee Statement / Receipt


Whenever and if any additional cost occurs, we will explain it in detail to you so you can fully understand and consent.

Method of Payment

Payment will be after the post-op consultation/examination, which is planned to take place at 9:00 AM on the day following the operation. The payment should be in cash in US$.

We do not accept credit cards.

For details of the schedule after the operation, please see post operative.

The Patient’s Guide

You can be sent your voice status using the inquiry form.

First, please answer the questions from the doctor.

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