Overview of Surgery in Japan

Model Plan

We recommend Hotel "Nikko Kansai Airport" which is located right at the airport so you can simplify your travel to our clinic the following day and skip complicated travel to and from hotels in Kyoto/Osaka.

There is a limousine bus leaving the airport at 9:00 a.m. and arriving near our clinic at 10:30. However, you would prefer to see a little of Osaka or Kyoto rather than spend the entire day at the airport hotel, please contact us for necessary information.


If you can take the test in your own country, you may be able to eliminate the scheduled arrival "Day 2".

Day 1

Accommodation at the Hotel "Nikko Kansai Airport".

Day 2

Ride from the bus stop of Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 departure.

You can take Preoperative Medical Clearance.

Day 3

In the case of Tuesday, you can surgery in the afternoon.

In the case of Thursday, you can surgery in the morning.

Day 4

Discharge (Plan)

Day 6 or later

You can be returned.

You can be sent your voice status using the inquiry form.

First, please answer the questions from the doctor.

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