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from Kansai Airport (KIX)

Kansai airport is the closest airport to our clinic. Direct flights to Kansai airport are in service from many cities.(see the map and list in the end).

Please be sure your final ticket destination is KIX (Osaka International Airport). Non-flight travel from other airports to Kyoto can be long and complicated.

When accessing from Kyoto Station

Cities with direct flights to Kansai airport.
ASIA/PACIFICGold Coast / Jeju / Seoul / Gimpo / Yantai / Shanghai / Dalian / Changhai / Hangzhou / Tsingtao / Guam / Guangzhou / Hanoi / HO Chi Minh City / Bangkok / Kuala Limpur / Singapore / Denpasar / Honolulu / Delhi / Mumbai / Manila / Kaohsiung / Taichung / Beijing / Tianjin / Nanjing
EUROPEFrankfurt / Amsterdam / Paris / Rome / Istanbul

Direct clinic access from the airport

Timetable, Bus Stop & Fare - Osaka Airport Limousine

From Kansai International Airport to HIROSHIBA ENT clinic - about 65 minutes by AirportLimousine Bus.

Bus Stop in Terminal 1
Bus Stop in Terminal 2

Floor Map - KIX Terminal 2

Point 1

Leave concourse. Go to B ticket machine outside.

Point 2

Get ticket to Kyotanabe (or Kyoto for hotel).

Point 3

Board your bus on its arrival.

KANSAI Airport Transportation Enterprise

Point 4

Arrive at Kyotanabe.

Point 5

Hiroshiba Clinic is visible from the bus stop.

After getting off the bus, look back in the direction your bus has arrived at the bus stop, and you will see our clinic on the right in the distance.

Other line 1

Take this route if you are going to Kyoto first to check in to your hotel.

From Kansai International Airport to Kyoto, approx.75 minutes by Haruka Express train. From Kyoto, Limousine bus gets to Matsuiyamate in 30 minutes.
Our clinic is within a 10-minute-walk from the bus stop.

Other line 2

Take this route if you wish to go only by train.

JR limited express HARUKA
Get off at Tennoji station and walk to JR Osaka Loop line platform.
Take Loop line to Kyobashi station and switch to Tozai Line. Get off Tozai Line at Matsuiyamate station.

from Kyoto Station

From Kyoto, Limousine bus gets to Matsuiyamate in 30 minutes. Our clinic is within a 8-minute-walk from the bus stop.

Direct clinic access from the Kyoto Station

Cho-Q Kyoto Limousine Bus / Keihan Buss

Bus Stop in Terminal

Point 1

Go to bus stop H1. Please make sure the destination (Matsuiyamate).

Point 2

You can pay the fare(500jpy) on cash inside the bus.

Point 3

Arrive at Matsuiyamate Station. (or Highway Kyotanabe bus stop.)

See the map around the Matsuiyamate.

Google Maps

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